Welcome to my website! 

I am the owner and creative director of Marais USA, but you may have found yourself here by way of my personal Instagram.

This is a home base for my recipes, what I'm wearing, career stuff, and my favorite places to eat and shop. Everything I share will be super edited so information is easy to find, and I'll only recommend things I personally love. 

As a minimalist I spend a lot of time searching for perfect things. From here on out, you can find them in the shop: clothes, beauty products, decor, and kitchen staples with a label on products I own for extra transparency. 

It's also a chance for me to say a bit more about things I care about than what I can get across on social media. The first in-depth post is an Elimination Diet. Other than a hair tutorial (yes, I'm definitely going to do one!), this is one of the things I get the most questions about and how I gave up sugar and figured out what to eat. More on that here.

I'm thinking of sending a newsletter out every so often - maybe with something special that isn't on the website. Sign up at the bottom of the page if you're so inclined. 

Let's see how it all unfolds! 

xx Haley

PS - My name is Haley with a y. A lot of people think I'm "Hale" because of my IG handle. Someone snagged my name before I signed up, so I'm going with it:  @haleboyd + haleboyd.com 

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